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On September 26th and 27th, I went to Werewolf Con in Brussels, again with my mum. It was a great con and I had a lot of fun! Since it was a while ago now, I obviously don't remember all the details, but click the cut if you want to see a few of my pictures, videos, and most importantly, my pictures with the guests. ;)

The guests were...

♥ Tyler Hoechlin
♥ Ian Bohen
♥ Daniel Sharman
♥ Ryan Kelley
♥ Crystal Reed
♥ Holland Roden


You had to collect your tickets on Friday evening till 9 pm, I think, at the latest. This didn't seem like a problem, really. Mum and I left work and tried to drive to Brussels straight away (it's a more or less 2 hour drive), so that seemed perfectly doable. We did, however, have quite a bit of traffic on our way there, and someone (I don't remember if it was my brother or my BFF) had our GPS, so we had to find our way to the venue using maps on my iPad (without internet connection, ha). So that was interesting.

We barely made it - I think it was literally 2 minutes before 9 when we finally found The Egg (venue), but fortunately the girls were extremely nice and handed us our tickets and everything anyway. After that, we went to our hotel and... I think we just had a bite at the bar; didn't really go anywhere.


The convention started on Saturday at 10; the venue was just a 10 minute walk away from our hotel. We had an Alpha pass, which means our seats were pretty close to the front of the stage, and we had some extras included. And one thing that was great about this convention was that filming was actually allowed! It wasn't allowed at any of the other conventions I've been to so far, so that was really great and I really took advantage of it. I've embedded some of my most popular (and the funniest, honestly) videos below; check out my channel for more, if you're interested. :)

I think I'm gonna start with the panels (or pictures of them, cause I don't really remember much about what was special about each panel, unless there's a video about it) and talk about my photo op experiences later. :)

PANEL: Tyler Hoechlin


PANEL: Ian Bohen


PANEL: Daniel Sharman



Daniel was a DELIGHT. This was the first time I got to see him at a con, and he was super charming and funny, and surprisingly entertaining. Idk why I expected him not to be but... it was great. Here, have a couple of videos!

PANEL: Crystal Reed


It was also my first time seeing Crystal, and she was adorable. Gave some really smart and thoughtful answers to people's questions, and was just... really sweet and down-to-earth. Like all of them, really.

PANEL: Tyler Hoechlin & Crystal Reed


PANEL: Ryan Kelley


Ryan actually lost his suitcase on his way to Brussels - hence the, uh, interesting outfit. :D

PANEL: Tyler Hoechlin, Ian Bohen & Daniel Sharman


This panel was the absolute BEST. Here a few videos from it. It was just... hilarious.

Now, about the photos... I'm not very happy with any of them. The actual photo-taking was pretty rushed, so you didn't have much time to really enjoy it and none of them said anything more than 'hey, how are you?' to me. Secondly, the actual photos aren't... my favourites. It was pretty dark in the room where they were being taken, so most of the light came from the flash... which may not have been a bad thing, if it hadn't also been hot as fuck. So... I'm really, really shiny in all of the pictures, and... yeah, they're just not that great. I also seem to have a gift for picking unflattering outfits for these pictures, but... yeah, that's my fault.

The only thing that makes me feel better is that Crystal, at least, has a shiny forehead too, haha. :D

All except one of my photo ops were on Saturday, and I was kind of glad to have that out of the way on my first day, so the second day could be more relaxing. Holland was only there on Sunday, so I had to do hers on Sunday, obviously, but since I had an Alpha pass, I could do all of the others on Saturday.


Just like the time before, mum was incredibly nervous about taking a picture with them, and it wasn't until we were first in line that she decided where she wanted to stand. Unsurprisingly, she headed for Hoechlin because she adores him, while I squeezed in between Ian and Crystal. I actually think this picture is pretty nice. :)))

PHOTO OP: Ryan Kelley

PHOTO OP: Crystal Reed

PHOTO OP: Tyler Hoechlin

PHOTO OP: Ian Bohen

PHOTO OP: Daniel Sharman


PHOTO OP: Holland Roden

This was pretty much the first thing I did on Sunday - take a picture with Holland.

After that, I only had panels left... oh, and getting Holland's autograph in the afternoon, which was the only time where I really had to wait for a long time. A really long time. I was standing there for two hours, and... ugh, I almost decided to give my tickets to someone else. But anyway... panels!

PANEL: Ian Bohen


That outfit was unfair. Everything about him is unfair.

PANEL: Holland Roden


Holland was only there on Sunday...

PANEL: Crystal Reed


PANEL: Holland Roden & Ryan Kelley


Not the best picture but... meh.

PANEL: Tyler Hoechlin & Ian Bohen


PANEL: Ryan Kelley


PANEL: Tyler Hoechlin


PANEL: Holland Roden, Ian Bohen & Crystal Reed



Wow, that was a lot less text than I was planning to write. Okay, um... some pros and cons of Werewolf Con maybe. A definite pro was the fact that filming was allowed. I loved that. More cons should allow that, whether they sell a DVD later or not (and most don't seem to allow filming despite the fact that they do NOT plan on releasing a DVD, so I don't really get that). Another pro was that there were a lot of panels with different combinations of the actors, and no, sometimes, they didn't quite work out the way they'd planned because someone's photo shoot took longer, but it was still pretty well organized. The only things I didn't like was that the photo ops seemed kind of rushed, and the autographs as well. On top of that, they ran out of Daniel and Tyler photos for the autographs pretty early on, which sucked. Finally, each one of those digital photos of me and the guests cost 5€, which I found pretty expensive.

But other than that, it was a great experience, and depending on who else they get for this year (they have Ryan, Holland and Cody Saintgnue at the moment, which isn't enough to convince me to buy a ticket yet), I'm definitely going again.

If you want more, you can find all my videos HERE on YouTube, and all my photos HERE on Flickr. :)
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