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We actually weren't gonna go to this one but at some point in late November/early December, I started missing conventions, so I convinced my mom to come with me again. And I am so glad I did. It was probably the greatest one yet, and I'm so sad that they're apparently not planning on having one this year. :(

Even though technically nothing worked out the way it was supposed to work out, it was a really great experience, and we enjoyed it a lot.

The guests they had announced at first were...

Tyler Hoechlin, Ian Bohen, JR Bourne, Max Carver, Charlie Carver, Melissa Ponzio, Cody Christian

Then... less than two weeks before the con, there were cancellations. JR cancelled, then Melissa and Cody only a few days before the convention. I wasn't that sad about Cody and Melissa (even though I would've liked to see Melissa), but JR not being there did make me a little sad. But they ended up getting a replacement, so in the end, the guest list looked like this:

Tyler Hoechlin
Ian Bohen
JR Bourne
Max Carver
Charlie Carver
Melissa Ponzio
Cody Christian
+ Daniel Sharman

So, in the end, even though there were only 5 guests instead of the promised minimum of 5, it was an amazing con. So let me tell you about it. Or at least what I still remember about it... :D


We drove to Düsseldorf on Friday evening, and got there in time to collect our tickets. Except, with those last-minute cancellations, no one really knew what was going on with the photo ops and autographs included in the ticket prices - but in the end, we got everything we were supposed to get, and all was well. We ended up not leaving the hotel for the entire time were there LOL It was cold as fuck and the weather was shit, so... :D


So... even though, chronologically, the pictures were taken first, and the panels were later - I'll start with the panels.

PANEL: Max & Charlie Carver




I still feel bad for ever thinking I wouldn't like them. I fell in love with them in Paris, and they were again really really great at this con too. I was so wrong about them!

And yes, that is them reenacting the scene from Titanic.

PANEL: Ian Bohen



Siiiiiiiiiiigh. <3

PANEL: Tyler Hoechlin & Daniel Sharman





LET ME TELL YOU A THING ABOUT THOSE CHAIRS. I hate those chairs. They kept spinning around on them and making it impossible for me to take decent pictures, grrrr! And just when they managed to sit still for a second, they burst into giggles and again, made my photos shaky. Not that I mind giggles. Look at that adorable little face. ♥

Anyway, after those panels, there was something called a Raffle with Ian. Which... ended up being a pretty amazing experience for me! Let me tell you why. :D


So basically, Ian and the moderator (don't get me started about that guy, honestly) basically had a bunch of signed art by an amazing fanartist, and a few extras (photo ops, autographs, m&gs, etc.) that you could win with one of the tickets you had in your envelope.

And Ian was the one who pulled the numbers out of the bowl and handed over the prices. Like so.


So there were a few pieces of art of the other cast members, and then, they got to the one of Ian.


This is him being like, "oh look, it's me!"

Precious dork. <3 Anyway, then he pulled out the number of the person who'd win the art, announced it...

And I died beCAUSE IT WAS MINE! I've never won anything before! I was so excited! So I shove everything I had on my lap at my mum, walked up to the stage and got up, and then Ian held the art in front of me and was like, "do you want this, or do you want me?"

And I was like, "uh... both?"

And then he laughed, hUGGED ME AND KISSED MY CHEEK. I just about died. And the people from convention actually posted this picture on their Facebook a few weeks ago, and I'm so glad that someone captured this moment cause I still can't really believe it happened! :D

Heeeeeeeh. So yeah, now I have a pretty artwork, signed by Ian Bohen, on top of this amazing moment to remember. :)))

Anyway, on to the next day!


PANEL: Max & Charlie Carver



PANEL: Ian Bohen, Tyler Hoechlin & Daniel Sharman






The panels were amazing, and there were so so so so so SO many moments I wish I could've captured on film, but filming was very strictly forbidden, and they kept walking around, checking if people were filming, so I didn't have the balls to try it anyway. It's sad, though, because there will be no DVD or anything, and... sighhhh. Sad.

Anyway, the autographs were great too because you actually had a little time to interact with the guests. Not that I did much of that because I'm still shy as fuck and don't know what to tell them, but... it was a little more than just the basic, "hi, how are you, thank you".

So... on to the photos! :D I love these. The photographer team they hired this year and the last is AMAZING. I don't know what they do differently but their photos are always amazingly good. So... here they are!


LOL That picture cracks me up. We look like a suburban couple or something. Best picture with him yet. :D

And finally, our awesome group photos...

So, yeah. It was a fantastic experience, and dammit, writing this post makes me want to start planning my next con. They need to announce their guests. Now.

If you want to see all the pictures I took - they're HERE on Flickr. :)
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