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Birthdate:Sep 19

I've been on LJ for what feels like forever but I've been pretty inactive in recent weeksmonths years. But I miss it and have recently started an attempt to dust this thing off a little and actually start using it again. We'll see how that goes.

So… about me. My name is Anne, I'm 27 and live in Luxembourg. I'm a happily single couch potato with a full-time job and a spare time dedicated almost entirely to fandom things. When I'm not doing something fannish, I'm probably cooking and trying out new recipes.

Anyway, fandom. I've been in various fandoms for over ten years now and while at some point, I may have pictured myself losing interest in fandom and the internet in general, I've since come to the conclusion that that's not going to happen and that I'll be around here forever~

My first attempts at fanfiction happened in the Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean fandoms off LJ but those are really not worth mentioning since my fics (and my English in general) were pretty terrible at that point. I ended up creating an LJ to follow a PotC fic in 2006 but ended up staying for the Harry Potter fandom, which I started drawing and writing for. After that, in 2010 came Tokio Hotel, and then around 2012, I got into boybands. Now that my favourite one of those has broken up, I'm mostly into Teen Wolf and currently trying to go from just reading a ridiculous number of fics to actually writing some.

Apart from writing fic and drawing fanart, I also used to (and still sometimes) make icons, but these days, I mostly focus my graphic-making skills and motivation on gif sets on Tumblr. I'm an avid RPer. Very recently, I've also discovered the wonderful world of podfics and have started posting my own. What's next, you ask? Well, I do wish I knew how to make fanvideos…

This journal is basically a mixture of all of those things with a little real life thrown in here and there on the rare occasion that something worth mentioning actually happens or when I have something to rant about. It's called semi friends only because I usually lock the more personal posts that I wouldn't want just anyone to read, but the majority of my journal is public. If you want to friend me, feel free to do so. If I happen to check out your journal and see that we have common interests, I may friend you back, but I want to keep my flist short(ish) and manageable at the moment, so please don't be offended if I don't.

Transformative Works Policy: Go for it! I hereby formally grant you blanket permission for podfic, translations, remixes, prequels, sequels, fanart, gif sets, videos or any other form of transformative works based on my stories/artworks. The only two things I ask you to do is to link to the story/drawing that inspired you and send me a link to whatever you created, so I can squee over it and link back to it and tell other people to go squee over it as well.

However: Do not repost any of my stories or drawings without my permission. My fics are all on AO3, so if you want to rec them to someone, go ahead, but do not do that by reposting the entire work on Tumblr, Wattpad or any other sites. Also, please do not post my fics on Goodreads, which is a site for actual books, not fanfiction. As for art – if you've gone through both my art blog and my art tag on my regular blog on Tumblr (both linked below) and haven't found the drawing you're looking for in order to reblog it, please contact me and I'll let you know if I'm okay with you posting it (with credit!) to your own blog. Thank you!


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