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thilia's Podfic Bingo!
Fairy Tale
Read Sleepily
Character Voices
Less than 10 Minutes Long
Unfamiliar Pairing
Lower Pitch Effect
Female Character
Read a Fic Cold
Rare Pairing
Animal Noises

Read Angrily
Read Loudly
Record Standing Up
Try an Accent

Read While Laughing
Non-English Language

Read Quickly (for you)
Higher Vocal Range (for you)
2+ Hours Long
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I found a Podfic Meme on Tumblr and since no one over there is gonna send me asks anyway, let's do it here. Found here :)

01. If you had to voice yourself in a podfic, what kind of voice would you give yourself?

Uhh... just a normal voice? I wouldn't make it lower or higher, and I wouldn't speak particularly energetically or anything... Just... normal. Idk.

02. Is there any specific ritual you go through while/before/after podficcing?

Not really. I probably should have some sort of ritual but I usually just jump straight into it and then later realize that maaaybe I should've looked up the pronunciation of a few words or thought about how to read a certain bit... Basically, I podfic as messily as I do everything else, haha. Well, I suppose - I always put the fics on my Kindle because my laptop always makes these random beeping sounds from time to time and I cannot have that ruining my recording~ I usually make sure to have something to drink nearby and that I'm comfortable (even though my """studio""" and the position I'm in is about as uncomfortable as it gets LOL).

03. Do you have a favorite kind of story to podfic? If yes, what is it?

I like all kinds of stories and I'm planning on recording all kinds of stories. I can't really pick just one genre or whatever that I prefer over others. Except - stories with blanket permission. It is SO awesome to have the author's permission and to not have to go through the sometimes nerve-wracking process of asking for permission and then possibly waiting for a long time before getting a 'yes' or 'no'.

So, dear authors, if you want to encourage random podficcers who come across your stories to record your stories? Make sure to have a blanket permission statement wherever you post your fics. Even if you're not okay with transformative works - put a quick line about it into your profile and said hypothetical podficcer will know not to bother you with the question.

04. Are there podficcers you admire? Who and why?

SO MANY. I love chemm80, reena_jenkins, Rhea314, shiningartifact, araline, FleurRochard, aethel, ... there are so many, seriously. I've been listening to their podfics constantly for the past few months; they've inspired me to start podficcing in the first place, and I just think their work is amazing.

05. How much podfic can you produce if you sit down and and work on it for an hour uninterrupted?

Only the recording or recording and editing? It depends on the fic, of course, and how many times I stumble over words or have to rerecord a sentence, but... not much. After an hour of recording, I usually have about 20 minutes of podfic.

06. First fic/pairing you recorded? (If no pairing, describe the plot)

Too Far Ahead. Sterek. It's a lovely story where Derek is some sort of God and watches Stiles for years, and then goes down to Earth to meet him...

07. Perfect circumstances, time, or motivation. Choose two.

When I have the day off and no plans whatsoever is ideal - but that happens so rarely that... yeah. It's a dream. But usually the perfect circumstances are days when I can leave work around 5, and Jil isn't planning on coming over.

08. What does podfic mean to you?

Creating it or listening to it? I'm just really glad I discovered podfic because I listen to it constantly in the car now, and I can't even imagine going back to listening to music the way I did before. Also, it introduces me to fics I never would've discovered otherwise, and... yeah, it means a lot to me.

09. Do you record - or want to record - things other than podfic?

Nope, I'm perfectly content just doing podfic.

10. How do you become inspired to record a story?

When I read the story and it just clicks. When I start thinking about how I'd read certain parts or what sound effects I could use while I'm reading it, and I love the story and just have this desire to spend more time with it and share it with more people.

11. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done for a podfic?

Ahahaha. The one I posted most recently - it had a line where Stiles moaned, "Oh God. Oh god oh god oh godohgodohodohgod." Or something. I tried to get it right, I really did, but it was SO HARD. I cracked myself up every two seconds because it just sounded so silly.

12. Is there a podfic you wish you had done better, and why?

I'm actually working on one right now that I'm feeling extreeeemely perfectionist about and I've already recorded and edited the entirety of it and now I kinda hate it and want to record it all over again, and... it's long. Four hours, so I don't think I have the energy to record the whole thing again. Ugh. But I love the fic, so... I gotta find some sort of compromise, I guess.

13. Rec your favorite podfic from another creator?

Just one? *weeps* Um. Probably... No Homo by chemm80. It's flawless.

14. Who are your favorite characters to record?

Stiles and Derek. Sometimes Peter - Jackson, too. I don't think I'm as good at all of them than other podficcers are but... Oh, and Lydia. Lydia's always fun.

15. Do you have a guilty pleasure in podfic?

Hmmm... I don't think so, nope. Oh... hmm. Idk if I would call it a guilty pleasure, but... nah, never mind.

16. Do you have the same routine for each podfic? What is it?

Read fic, love fic, ask permission to podfic (if necessary), put fic on Kindle, grab something to drink, hook up mic, and start recording. Record until my voice gives up. Also, curse and sigh and groan a lot when I get frustrated with my inability to get a sentence out right.

17. Would you describe yourself as a fast or slow podficcer?

I honestly have no idea how I compare to others. I would say... slow at recording, but fast at getting the finished product posted? I have no idea!

18. How old were you when you started podficcing? How long had you been in fandom?

I literally started just a few months ago, so... 27, like now.

19. Why did you start podficcing?

Because I felt like it. I love listening to podfics and there are still so many great stories out there that haven't been recorded, and I wanted to give it a try, so... I did.

20. Post a short clip of a podfic you’re proud of.

I don't have a clip, but I'm gonna direct you to my podfics on AO3 over here or on LJ at [ profile] readbythilia :)


Apr. 17th, 2015 06:44 pm
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I actually felt... like checking LJ...?

I know! I'm as surprised as you are. But I felt like it, so I gave in to the urge~ and ended up spending a lot of time on my "manage flist" page. I unfriended a bunch of people (most of them hadn't updated since like, 2011-2012) and unfollowing pretty much every community I was still following, and then following a bunch of new ones that are closer to my current interests, and basically just attempting to turn LJ into a place where I want to be again. If this doesn't work, I'm out of ideas LOL

Now I have to decide what to do about my own communities and whether to keep them or hand them over to someone who still gives a damn, and write a new profile text, maybe, and decide whether to update or just delete my fic masterlist... yeah.

Anyway... what's new? In RL... not much. I like work a lot better at the moment since I have more people my own age to hang out with, and I may have a little crush on a co-worker (maybe, possibly, because I don't even know what a crush feels like anymore, tbh), and for a while I felt like he was totally flirting with me, but meh, I think he's just being friendly. Oh well. Not like I would ever do anything about it anyway, so I'll just wait and see and analyze the situation some more.

Fandom-wise... Teen Wolf is pretty much my only interest at the moment. I'm reading fics daily, reblogging a lot of it, reading tons of meta about it and listening to podfics in the car to and from work every day. I also draw Teen Wolf (though I have a bit of an art block at the moment, grrr) and am currently participating in [ profile] twreversebang and am signed up for Steter Big Bang on Tumblr.

I've also written a little Steter fic here, mostly just because I wanted to finally fucking post some fic again. I'm working on several really long ones that... I have no idea when I'm ever going to finish them cause I work on them so rarely that I'm not making much progress.

I've also sort of started podficcing??? I'm still figuring things out, trying to find the best recording quality, etc. but to start off, I recorded WhoNatural's Too Far Ahead here, if you wanna give it a listen and give me some concrit, Idk.

I really just wanted to show off how long my hair's gotten, heh.


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