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We actually weren't gonna go to this one but at some point in late November/early December, I started missing conventions, so I convinced my mom to come with me again. And I am so glad I did. It was probably the greatest one yet, and I'm so sad that they're apparently not planning on having one this year. :(

Even though technically nothing worked out the way it was supposed to work out, it was a really great experience, and we enjoyed it a lot.

The guests they had announced at first were...

Tyler Hoechlin, Ian Bohen, JR Bourne, Max Carver, Charlie Carver, Melissa Ponzio, Cody Christian

Then... less than two weeks before the con, there were cancellations. JR cancelled, then Melissa and Cody only a few days before the convention. I wasn't that sad about Cody and Melissa (even though I would've liked to see Melissa), but JR not being there did make me a little sad. But they ended up getting a replacement, so in the end, the guest list looked like this:

Tyler Hoechlin
Ian Bohen
JR Bourne
Max Carver
Charlie Carver
Melissa Ponzio
Cody Christian
+ Daniel Sharman

So, in the end, even though there were only 5 guests instead of the promised minimum of 5, it was an amazing con. So let me tell you about it. Or at least what I still remember about it... :D

Lunar Eclipse 2 )

So, yeah. It was a fantastic experience, and dammit, writing this post makes me want to start planning my next con. They need to announce their guests. Now.

If you want to see all the pictures I took - they're HERE on Flickr. :)
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On September 26th and 27th, I went to Werewolf Con in Brussels, again with my mum. It was a great con and I had a lot of fun! Since it was a while ago now, I obviously don't remember all the details, but click the cut if you want to see a few of my pictures, videos, and most importantly, my pictures with the guests. ;)

The guests were...

♥ Tyler Hoechlin
♥ Ian Bohen
♥ Daniel Sharman
♥ Ryan Kelley
♥ Crystal Reed
♥ Holland Roden

Werewolf Con! )

Wow, that was a lot less text than I was planning to write. Okay, um... some pros and cons of Werewolf Con maybe. A definite pro was the fact that filming was allowed. I loved that. More cons should allow that, whether they sell a DVD later or not (and most don't seem to allow filming despite the fact that they do NOT plan on releasing a DVD, so I don't really get that). Another pro was that there were a lot of panels with different combinations of the actors, and no, sometimes, they didn't quite work out the way they'd planned because someone's photo shoot took longer, but it was still pretty well organized. The only things I didn't like was that the photo ops seemed kind of rushed, and the autographs as well. On top of that, they ran out of Daniel and Tyler photos for the autographs pretty early on, which sucked. Finally, each one of those digital photos of me and the guests cost 5€, which I found pretty expensive.

But other than that, it was a great experience, and depending on who else they get for this year (they have Ryan, Holland and Cody Saintgnue at the moment, which isn't enough to convince me to buy a ticket yet), I'm definitely going again.

If you want more, you can find all my videos HERE on YouTube, and all my photos HERE on Flickr. :)
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It happened the weekend before last in Paris and it was so, so great!

I already typed this post once and was almost done with it and had it here in the LJ editor and figured, when it asks me if I want to restore the draft, I'll just click 'yes', right? So I did, but at some point, it lost the entire fucking post, aaargh! And it was a long one, so I'm kind of frustrated right now but… oh well. Lemme just try to remember everything again. -_-

So, click the spoiler link to read everything about the convention and look at my pretty, pretty pictures and let me tell you all about what happened when I met…

♥ Tyler Hoechlin
♥ Ian Bohen
♥ J.R. Bourne
♥ Dylan Sprayberry
♥ Cody Christian
♥ Arden Cho
♥ Holland Roden
♥ Ryan Kelley
♥ Max Carver
♥ Charlie Carver


So! On Friday, the 3rd, my mum and I had the day off, went to the hairdresser (it was necessary for me – I hadn't gone since December… which was incidentally just before my first Teen Wolf con LOL), and then in the evening, took the TGV (train) to Paris. The journey there was kind of awful because it was hot as fuck and for some reason, they didn't think it was necessary to turn on the AC??? Ugh. But we got there in one piece, and took the Métro to the Arc de Triomphe, where my mum thought the hotel was. And it wasn't that far away, but I still had to drag the suitcase through Paris for twenty minutes and in that heat, that wasn't fun.

At the hotel, we ended up getting a room with Eiffel Tower view, which was pretty neat. It was too late to go grab our tickets and stuff, so we just went out for a couple of drinks and then went to bed to get our beauty sleep.


The next morning, we were up and ready at eight to go register, and that all went pretty smoothly. Then we had breakfast, and finally made our way up to the first floor, where the convention was happening.

It began with the opening ceremony, which mostly consisted of the moderator/translator guy telling us what's what and putting down rules and stuff. Then, they showed a little trailer with clips from the show of all the guests and then finally brought in the cast a little after ten.

Our seats weren't that great – we were in row H, so we had lots of big heads in front of us and couldn't see all that well. There were two big screens behind the stage where they sometimes showed what was going on, but most of the time… not. So that wasn't ideal, and my pictures aren't that great but… oh well.

Two minutes later, the cast was gone again because the first autograph session was starting. People were split into two groups, basically – some had their autograph session on Saturday, others on Sunday. Naturally, mum and I had ours on Sunday, which then left us with a couple of hours of nothing to do on Sunday, pffft.

I used this time to buy photos for my autographs and ended up running into [ profile] mariesen and chatting with her a bit, which was great! :)

Photoshoot: Dylan Sprayberry & Arden Cho

Then, around 12, I had to go take my first pictures. Differently than it was at the convention I went to in Düsseldorf, photos were being taken during the panels, so they announced on the screens behind the stage which groups had to get up and stand in line for the pictures. It worked out pretty well, but it was kind of frustrating not to be able to see the whole panels, you know?

Anyway, I stood in line for a relatively short time and was told to go stand in Dylan Sprayberry's line since it was shorter. When I got to the front, I was told that there would be no hugs or kisses, which is understandable – he's sixteen! At the time anyway. So I approached him, and he was so tiny and adorable I wanted to steal him :3 He seemed kind of reserved and unsure – you could tell that he's not as used to this whole thing yet as others are.

Our interaction was pretty short and uneventful – just the usual "Hi, how are you?s" and when the picture was taken, he said, "Nice to meet you," and that was it.


(you can click to see the huge, full-sized pic)

Then, I stood in Arden's line, and our interaction wasn't much more exciting than the one with Dylan. She's so tiny and beautiful, though, ugh, I look like a whale next to her. LOL! So… yeah.


Panel: Holland Roden, Ryan Kelley, Max & Charlie Carver

I didn't get to see much of this panel, unfortunately, but here are a few pictures I managed to take…



Lunch Break & Tombola

After that panel, we had about 45 minutes for lunch. We obviously couldn't go anywhere fancy, so we just got a few sandwiches, went back to our room to eat them, and then came back for the tombola where you could win a few photoshoots, meet & greets and autographs.

Obviously, I didn't win anything.

Then, there was more waiting, and then…

Panel: Dylan Sprayberry, Cody Christian & Arden Cho

I really don't remember the specifics of what was said during each panel, so I'm gonna skip this part and just show you some pictures…




During that panel, I once again had to leave for two more photoshoots.

Photoshoot: Holland Roden & Tyler Hoechlin

First, Holland. She was making an effort to speak French, so when I went over to her, she was like, "Bonjouuur, comment ça va?" and I was prepared for English, so… I replied in English. LOL Anyway, then she literally just threw her arms around me and threw herself into her pose and I was like, "omg, okay, I'm not ready", and I didn't know where to put MY arms, so… yep. After the picture was taken, she said, "Merci beaucoup," and I was like, "Thank YOU!" and then I left.


And then… Tyler. TYLER WAS THE BEST. I literally died a little. But… okay, let's start at the beginning. So I was standing in line, and got to the front, and the girl taking the tickets was like, "no kisses, no marriage proposals…" And I laughed and she was like, *shrugs* "It happens!" or something.

And then the girl in front of me was done, and I approached Tyler and he turned to me with that beautiful, BEAUTIFUL sunny smile of his, and he was like, "Hi, how are you?", and I was like, "Hi!" and probably a little breathless cause… ugh. Anyway, then he opened his arms and was like, "hug?" and I was like, YES, and then he wrapped his arms around me so gently and pulled me towards him, and I wrapped my arms around him as well. And then we were in that embrace, and he turned his head and looked at me, with his face literally just a few centimeters away from mine – if I'd leaned in, I could've kissed him – and then he looked into my eyes and said, "I like your glasses!"

And I was dead.

I think you can see how happy I was at that moment in the picture, but… god. If he hadn't melted my brain with what he said (and how he looked, and everything), I would've said, "Dude, you have the exact same glasses" or something, but… yeah. Too overwhelmed to say anything except, "thank you."

After the pic, he looked at me again and smiled and said thank you, and I said thank you and… I floated away.


This is literally my favourite picture ever. Ever. Ever ever ever. Ugh.

I was shaking and beaming like an idiot when I got back to my mum, and… I'll never forget that moment, seriously.

Panel: Tyler Hoechlin, Ian Bohen & JR Bourne

Those three together are always fun, and this was the panel I'd been looking forward to the entire time. I was not disappointed. Also, Jesus, look at Ian in that fucking shirt!!! I really would've loved to take a picture with him in that, but sadly, my photoshoot with him wasn't till the next day…

Anyway… again, I don't remember the specifics but… pictures! Lots of them!








In the evening, there was a party but mum and I didn't go to it because it was like, €150 and it didn't seem worth it to spend that much money. So instead, we had pizza on the Champs-Élysées and then walked back to the hotel.


The next day, it again started at 10 with a brief opening ceremony, mostly to inform the people who hadn't been there on Saturday about everything they needed to know.


I wanted to get a couple of autographs for [ profile] teganscrush, so my mum graciously offered to let me use her her tickets. She was actually glad because it would give her the opportunity to say "they're for a friend" instead of just "hi, how are you" or whatever.

So anyway, we stood in line, and waited. The room was SO CROWDED, it was insane. Finally, we made it to the front of the line and could line up again to get to the individual tables. We started with Sprayberry, since his line was the shortest at the time.

Dylan Sprayberry

Nothing much to say about him because he again seemed very quiet and reserved and didn't really make conversation (unless you initiated it, I guess). We got the standard, "Hi, how are you?" and he signed the autograph, and that was that.

Ryan Kelley

RYAN IS SUCH A SWEETIE, aaaah! Okay, so my mum went first, and we had a little paper with [ profile] teganscrush's name on it, so he wouldn't write my mum's name, and when she approached and he looked at the paper, he was like, "Hi Candi!" And then mum went on to explain that the autograph is for a friend in the US, etc. and he seemed really interested and was like, "Oh, cool, where in the US?" and, yeah, he was really sweet and easy to talk to. My own interaction with him wasn't that special but… yeah, he was really sweet. :)

Ian Bohen

I have to say that I was a little more charmed by Ian at the last convention. It wasn't that he was rude or anything, but he was less willing to make conversation than in Düsseldorf in September. At least with us, Idk. He did give us his amazingly charming smile, of course, but… yeah. It was over fast.

JR Bourne

JR also called mum Candi before she cleared it up and he was very pleasant and friendly. Also, his smile is just as creepy in real life as it is on the show, hahaha. But he's really nice.

Tyler Hoechlin

Tyler is the absolute sweetest, god. As far as I remember, he also called mum Candi and she explained the whole 'for a friend' thing again. I didn't catch their whole interaction but he seemed extremely impressed that she was giving her autograph to a friend or something, and then he shook her hand??? Ugh, he's just really respectful and perfect and, ugh. I love him. Then it was my turn, and god, I don't even remember what exactly he said to me, but when he handed me the autograph back, we – okay, I know it sounds silly and that probably everyone claims this – but WE TOTALLY HAD A MOMENT. He looked at me with this smile for several seconds, his eyes shining, and… fuck, he's just unbelievably charming.

Charlie Carver

Okay, so remember when I said that I wasn't into the twins? I really wasn't into the twins. I didn't find them particularly attractive, didn't particularly like their characters – on Desperate Housewives or Teen Wolf – and when they were announced for the convention, I was like, meh. I would've rather had just about anyone else as a guest.

BUT. Now, after this convention, I've completely changed my mind about them. They were so much fun to talk to!

So, Charlie. I approached him, and he was like, "Bonjour, comment ça va?" (Did I mention that he's fluent in French? Cause he is). And then he looked down at my name and started writing, and then looked up and said, "Anne… c'est le prénom de ma mère." (It's my mother's first name), and I was like, "Oh, cool!" and… Idk, he didn't say much else, but that alone just kind of made me really like him.

The autographs say:

Candi, I'm sending you big kisses. xx, Charlie
Anne, thanks for everything and big kisses. Forever, Charlie

Max Carver

And then Max. When I approached the table, he looked up at me with this… smolder?? Idk, there really is no other way to describe that look; it was totally seductive, and I was like, 'um, okay, what now?' And then he started writing and when he handed the autograph back to me, he gave me that look again, and I just… what? LOL

And this is what he wrote on the autograph:

Anne! My magnificent flower! Infinite kisses, Max
Candi! Hoping to meet you! Kisses, Max

Either way… I now officially love the Carver twins. Huh.

After this one, my mum had to leave because we were running late and she had to go finish packing our suitcases and checking out and stuff, so she gave me the rest of the autograph pictures and tickets, so that I could get the rest of them on my own.

I don't know how long I stood in Holland's line, but… duuuuuuude. It moved sooooo slooooowly…

Holland Roden

But finally, I got to the front of the table and – Holland was really making an effort to speak French with everyone, which was sweet – and she was like, "Bonjour, comment ça va?" and stuff, and then she signed my autograph and stuff, and then moved on to Candi's, so I explained about it being for a friend in the US, and she was like, "Oh, is your friend French?" and I was like, "No, American…," and then she was like, "But she speaks French." And I was like, "No." And then she was adorably confused, and was like, "But you do." And I was like, "Yes." And then she was like, "And English." And she seemed extremely impressed by this? Idk, but she was adorable. ♥

She still ended up calling me her "French friend", but oh well. :))

Arden Cho

Getting Arden's autograph was pretty uneventful; she was sweet and stuff, but it didn't take particularly long.

Cody Christian

Cody was like, "Hi Candi!" And then I was like, "No." And then he was like, "But…" *points at paper with the name on it* and then I was like, "It's for a friend," and… that was about it.

After that – it probably took about an hour for me to get out of there from when my mum left, but I found her in the main room, talking to [ profile] mariesen, haha. So we chatted for another few moments, and then had to go sit back down or something…

Panel: Ryan Kelley, Cody Christian & Dylan Sprayberry

Again, no specifics, but here are a few pictures:




During that panel, I once again had to leave for pictures…

Photoshoot: Ian Bohen & J.R. Bourne

First, I went to J.R. He was veeery friendly and… gentle. Idk, he pulled me over to him and was just… gentle. LOL The photographer told me to push a strand of my hair back, so I did, and JR glanced over at me, and when the picture was taken, I said, "Thank you," and he was like, "You're VERY welcome." It was sweet.


After that, I went to stand in Ian's line and… god, he's such a charming bastard. A girl in front of me asked for a picture where they were looking deep into each other's eyes or something, and… fuck, even I melted from my spot in the line!

I went over to him when it was my turn, and he was like, "hug?" and I was like, "yeah!" and then… I touched his hip, like, just… the muscles above his hip? Niiiiiice ;)

Anyway… picture!


Lunch & Tombola

Same as the day before, except this time, we didn't even bother to leave the hotel; just bought a croissant and ate that. LOL Didn't win anything in the tombola this time either.

Anyway, then there was another moment where nothing happened, and then they announced that group pictures were about to be taken on the large screens behind the stage, and then mum was like, "Maybe we should go take a group pic." And I eyed her and was like, "Really. You want to?" And then she changed her mind about 300 times before we finally went and bought the ticket.

Photoshoot: Group

We immediately went and stood in line, and mum was so nervous, it was cute. At that point, I wasn't really nervous at all anymore – which was great! The more pictures you take, the less nervous you are for each one. :)

Anyway, we heard the people before us talk about what kind of picture they want and I was like, "Okay, so what do you want?" And mum was like, "Idk, just… normal?" And I was like, okay. And then, "So, who do you want to stand next to?" And mum was like, "I don't know…" And then I was like, "Dude, it's our turn soon, we need to decide!" And then she was like, "Tyler." And I was like, "Okay, then I'll go sit on the chair then."

So then we approached, and I sat down between Max and JR, and Max looked at me and was like, "What do you want?" And I was like, "Uh… just, smiles." Or something, and then he yelled, "Normal!" And the picture was taken.

Then we got out and then mum told me about how she almost tripped over something on her way to Tyler and that Ian apparently muttered like, "Oh god," or something, and… now she doesn't particularly like him anymore. LOL! I'm sure it was just the, "Oh my god, be careful," sort of "Oh god," but… well.

Anyway, and then she asked me, "Do you have any idea who was on my other side? I completely ignored them!" And I was like, "Idk, I was in the front… Ryan?" LOL!! It was cute; she only had eyes for Tyler – and who can blame her? ;)


It's such a great picture, though, right??

After that, it was time fooor...

Panel: Arden Cho & Holland Roden

Just a couple of pics cause I'd forgotten to charge my battery and I wanted to save the rest of the next panel…



Again, I had to leave during this panel to go take my last picture...

Photoshoot: Ryan Kelley

RYAN IS SO AWESOME. I approached him and he was so smiley and happy and awesome, and after saying hi, he said, "hug?" And I said, "yeah," and then he just grabbed me and pulled me into a bone-crushing hug. I mean, you can see how tightly he's holding me! It was awesome. :)))


Then I went back to my mum; the Holland/Arden panel was over at that point, I believe - or almost.


Panel: Tyler Hoechlin, Ian Bohen and JR Bourne




And finally...

Panel: Max Carver and Charlie Carver

Unfortunately, my camera died sometime during the JR/Ian/Tyler panel, so I couldn't take pictures of the twins. :( Oh well. The panel was still extremely amusing.

Then, there was a brief-ish closing ceremony and then, the convention came to an end.

Mum and I left that same evening; we took the Métro back to the train station, hung out there a little, and then took the train back home. :)))

If you want to see more pictures, check out my album on FLICKR.

And now… Ughhh, I already miss them and now I'm eyeing the convention in Brussels in September. It's an addiction, seriously. And a pretty expensive one too, but… also totally worth it, as far as I'm concerned. I had such a great time, even though at this convention, I felt like there was a lot of waiting and I didn't see as much of the cast as I did in Düsseldorf in December.

I was going to make another post comparing the two conventions I've been to so far, both price-wise and organization-wise, so if you're interested in that, look out for my next post~
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All of the events mentioned in my previous post then led to me going to my very first Teen Wolf convention.

Now, you know how I am. I'm shy, and the idea of meeting people in the first place is always a bit of a challenge for me, and meeting celebrities I'm completely obsessed with is both something I get ridiculously excited about, but also terrifies me... especially when I have to go alone.

But when I found out that there was going to be a Teen Wolf convention in Düsseldorf, Germany, which is only about three hours away from me, I knew I had to go. I ordered a single day ticket for Saturday, and decided to go there on my own, just for a day.

Then, everything I mentioned in the previous post happened, and my mum decided she wanted to come as well. So I found out that there were actually still some standard full-weekend tickets left, and I ordered two of them, as well as a few extras for myself. I even managed to sell my now unneeded single day ticket, which was awesome.

So... the convention.

On December 5th, my mum and I then got into the car to drive to Düsseldorf. Naturally, we listened to Sterek podfic on our way there. We got there in about three hours and checked into the hotel. We arrived at around 7 pm, and registration for the con was open until 8, so I wanted to get everything I needed that same evening, and it all worked out perfectly.

We went to the Christmas market in the evening, and then went back to the hotel.

On Saturday, we got up early, went down for breakfast, then briefly went outside for a smoke, and when we came back in, we had our first celebrity sightings, oh my god!! Orny Adams and Ryan Kelley were standing at the hotel reception, and they were real and, wow. I think that's when I realized that THIS WAS ACTUALLY HAPPENING.

So then the convention began, and below the cut, you'll find pictures and everything I remember about meeting-

- Ryan Kelley (Deputy Jordan Parrish)
- Orny Adams (Coach Finstock)
- Keahu Kahuanui (Danny Mahealani)
- Holland Roden (Lydia Martin)
- Ian Bohen (Peter Hale)
- Tyler Hoechlin (Derek Hale)

I don't really remember everything that was said during the panels unfortunately, but I may mention a thing or two that I do remember, but... anyway, let's get to the point.

It started with the group panel at 9 am. Orny Adams was the "Master of Ceremonies", so he sort of hosted the whole thing and he was brilliant. Ridiculously funny, and pretty much exactly like Coach on the show. He announced everyone and they all talked a little, answered some questions, and-

Holy shit, they're all so beautiful?? I mean, I knew that, obviously - I spend my days reblogging gifs of them and watching the show, but it was still so awesome to see them in real life, wow.

The group panel went on for about half an hour, and after that, it was time for the photoshoots.

We stood in line and waited... and waited... and waited...

And the people who ran the con must've misjudged the time it would take to take these photos because at some point, after we'd been standing in line for about an hour, they put up a sign that said that people with a Saturday only ticket would have priority, so my mum and I left and I'd be taking my photos the next day.

We went back to our room and ordered room service, and then went back down for the individual panels.

1:00 - 1:45 pm - Holland Roden


She is so beautiful and tiny and adorable. I mean, when you see Lydia on the show, you'd think she's far curvier than she actually is. It's true what they say about cameras adding a few pounds because in real life, she's just... tiny. She was awesome to listen to, too, and answered many great questions but I don't really remember much about them at all right now, aah, sorry.

1:45 - 2:30 pm - Keahu Kahuanui


Oh my god, Keahu. As you may know if you're more than a casual fan, he was an exchange student and spent some time in Germany when he was younger, and his German? Is pretty much flawless. So he said some things in German, and it was ridiculously adorable with his accent and everything. Everything about him was adorable.

2:45 - 3:30 pm - Ryan Kelley


Ryan was cute too. <3 It was his first convention but he was really great to listen to; answered some interesting questions about himself and his character, and the most touching moment was probably when a boy told him how important Ryan's performance in a gay-themed movie was for him. ♥ Also, the dude has 14 siblings. FOURTEEN. Whoa.

3:30 - 4:15 pm - Tyler Hoechlin & Ian Bohen



Let's get to my main reason for even going to the con... Tyler Hoechlin and Ian Bohen. Hoooly shit, I was not prepared for all that pretty. You cannot even begin to understand how fucking CHARMING they are unless you've seen them in real life. I... can't even.


Orny Adams didn't have any panels but he showed up every now and then and was seriously a great host. He made sure there wouldn't be any awkward silences, made everyone laugh and I don't think anyone left the con without being a devoted Coach fan afterwards.

After that - autograph time from 6 to 8.

I had tickets for autographs from everyone except Ryan (cause he was a bonus guest and you had to buy them separately, and now I kind of regret not doing that cause he was really awesome, but anyway).

Sooo when we were finally, after more waiting, let into the room for the autographs, Ian's line was the shortest, so we headed there first. And watched him. Watched him the entire time. You just... you don't understand how fucking amazing he is. The way he interacted with every single fan was just... I mean... AAAAH. Okay, so let's get to the moment when it was my turn.

I handed him the picture, and he looked up at me with a smile, and was like, "Hi. How are you?" and "Are you having a good time?" and he just seemed so genuinely interested in me. It was amazing. And at that moment, he just stared at me like I was the only thing that mattered in the world - and I know how ridiculous that sounds, but he just... he knows how to make someone feel that way with just one single fucking look - and I nearly swooned, seriously. So I was like... I don't even know - "great, how are you?" and "yeah, I'm having a great time!" or whatever - and he proceeded to sign the picture, then blew on it to make the ink dry. And then, he handed the picture back and looked up at me again, raising his eyes slowly and looking at me through his lashes with this fucking impish smile, and giving me this look, and he was like, "See you later", and it sounded so suggestive, and... I'm in love.

I was in near hysterics because... well, if you've ever met him, you'll understand. That man has charm coming out of every single pore. He should be illegal.

My autograph:


I barely had time to really process this moment because my mother had already moved on to stand in Tyler's line, which was really, really short, so I had to literally run across the room to get there in time. And then I was there, and Tyler looked at me with his sunshine and rainbows and puppies smile, and said, "Hi sweetie, how are you?" I later found out that he said 'sweetie' to pretty much everyone, but at that moment, I felt so special, hahaha.

So he signed the picture, also asked how I was and if I was having a good time, and it was all over so fast, unfortunately, but he called me sweetie again when he said bye, and... yeah. But he's so... so... aaah. Beautiful. Just... breathtakingly beautiful, and his smile and his eyes and... all of him. Just... damn.

My autograph:


After that, we moved on to Orny's line, which was the shortest at that point, and... Orny Adams. He's hilarious, seriously. He took one look at me after I set the picture down, and he eyed me and was like, "Whoa, so serious! Aren't you having a good time??" And I was like, "I am!" And he eyed me skeptically but then signed the picture, and handed it back, reading what he'd written out loud, "Anne! Listen to Coach - always!" And I laughed, and was like, "I will!", and... yeah, he was pretty great.

My autograph:


(So, yeah, the text says "Anne! Listen to Coach, always!", which isn't all that obvious because black pen on black background, but... yeah).

After that... Holland. Both Holland and Orny sat next to Ian, so my mum and I spent pretty much the entire time just fangirling over him and watching him, and... so attractive, ugh.

But Holland, right. She was so sweet and warm, if that makes sense? She was all, "Hiiii, how are you? Are you having a good time?" She's ridiculously adorable, and so so so pretty up close.

My autograph:


(The text says, Anne! Thx for coming)

And finally, we stood in Keahu's line, which was the longest by far which, as we found out later, was because he wrote a freaking novel on everyone's picture. In German, too!

My autograph:


The picture says: Anne, ganz lieb von dir vorbei zu kommen und das W.E. mit uns zu verbringen. LG, Keahu

Which means: Anne, very lovely of you to come by and spend the weekend with us. Greetings, Keahu

And after that, we kind of wanted to hang out and just stare at Tyler and Ian some more, but, yeah, we didn't want to be creepy lurkers, so we left. We headed back to our room, and since I'd misunderstood everything and thought the cocktail party (which the celebrities attended) was for everyone, we headed back down at 8.30, only to find out that it was only for people with VIP tickets. Sooo we went back to our room yet again, and got ready for the Illuminated party (which was a blacklight party like in an episode of the show). The party was... well, it wasn't bad, I'm sure, but there weren't all that many people there, and we didn't feel like dancing, so we left soon, and went to bed.

The next morning, we could sleep in a little, since the only thing we had in the morning, were my photo ops. I headed downstairs at around 10 and stood in line for my photos. It turned out to be a great thing that I had tickets for a picture with everyone because they let people who also had Orny & Keahu pictures in first, so I got to go in pretty fast.

I headed for Orny and Keahu first, and there were only a couple of people before me. Keahu was standing there on his own, so I walked over to him, slid my arm around him possessively (and felt his freaking muscles, oh my god), and the photographer wanted to take the picture right away, so I stuttered something about having a double with both of them, so Orny came over, and we took the picture:

Lunar Eclipse Tag 2 Guests 1-108


After that, I moved on to the other side of the room for the rest of my pictures. I had a few moments to breathe, and then I was there, and Tyler stood there, and I approached him, and he smiled widely at me and once again called me "sweetie", and I slid my arm around him, sank my claws into his waist, and waited for Ian to come over as well, and just... just look at my smug smirk in this picture because that pretty much describes how I felt at the time:

Lunar Eclipse Tag 2 - Studio Links-385

Then the woman who had my ticket called Ryan over, and then Holland came over as well, saying, "I heard my name! Hiii!" and then we took that picture as well:

Lunar Eclipse Tag 2 - Studio Links-386

It was over ridiculously fast, and I barely said two words to them, but... it was still an amazing experience. I'm so glad I didn't shy away from this and ended up taking pictures with everyone and not just Tyler and Ian, as originally planned.

Then I went back to our room where my mum had already packed most of our things in order to check out at noon, and we headed downstairs for breakfast. Then mum went to check out, and I went to save us a seat for the afternoon panels.

12:00 - 12:45 pm - Keahu Kahuanui


12:45 - 1:30 pm - Ian Bohen


1:45 - 2:30 pm - Holland Roden & Ryan Kelley


2:30 - 3:15 pm - Tyler Hoechlin


After that, we had nothing to do since we already had our autographs, so we went for a walk, and then were back at 6.30 in time for the closing ceremony and last group panel.


And that's basically everything I can tell you about my most amazing weekend of the year. It was a seriously great experience and I'm so so so glad I convinced myself to go. Since I have no other experience with conventions, I can only say that this one seemed pretty well organized and everything went pretty smoothly, especially since it was the first Teen Wolf convention run by these people.

It was definitely my highlight of the year, and I will forever dream about Tyler Hoechlin's amazing sunshine smile and Ian Bohen's charm.

You can find all the pictures I took here on Flickr, and I also made a gif set of the one video I had the courage to record at the con (it was technically not allowed - oops!)

As usual, I will be making my end of the year posts later tonight... if I find the time! If not, they'll be posted tomorrow ;)
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Sorry, I'm still freaking out about the whole Heffron Drive thing because that was one of the best things I've ever done, omg.

So. Yeah. This is where I talk about it all and share pictures and gifs and videos :)))

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