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Because it's satisfying to strike things off a list when I'm done with them...


- make a picture post about Croatia trip
- make a picture post about USA trip
- make a post about Werewolf Con
- make a post about Lunar Eclipse 2 Con

- make a couple of meme posts


- make a sidebar gif
- update/redo 'about', 'tag' and 'my stuff' pages

AO3/fic-reading/pod-fic listening

- go through 'marked for later' list and eliminate
- go through Tumblr rec lists and mark them 'to read'
- download read and marked for later fics in PDF/Kindle formats
- download all Teen Wolf podfics and put them on CDs to listen in the car
- save all fics to Pinboard (eventually)


- download all unwatched episodes of my shows & put them on external HD


- start writing again; finish all WIPs


- draw [ profile] daily_deviant February art
- draw [ profile] daily_deviant Birthday Month art


- ask for author permission for some fics (asked the main one I've been meaning to ask and got permission!)
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Sooo... I'm done with my exams. Which is great. Woohoo! Problem is that I only have a semi-good feeling about the last one and now I'm worried and I won't get the results till after October 24th, so... SUSPENSE OMG.

But anyway. Not gonna think about it anymore now. What's done is done.

Buuuuut I've been neglecting online stuff for weeks, so I need to organize myself a little and figure out what I need to do, so... to do list time! :)
  • reply to RP messages
  • make a ton of new RP icons
  • go through bookmarks and organize them
  • clean up email inbox
  • watch 1D videos from last night
  • write next chapter of After Hours
  • write next chapter of The Art of Seduction
  • upload rest of Unexpected Attraction to Tumblr
  • upload Dress to Impress to Tumblr
  • make BTR/1D edit for Tumblr
  • reply to PMs
  • renew LJ paid account
  • reply to Facebook message (ugh ugh)
  • check daily_deviant and make decision about whether to take an "official" break from it or not
  • draw something for two BTR related things
  • read some BTB fics
  • write at least 1,000 words of 1D olymfics fic till next Friday
  • figure out what to write for 1D olymfics
  • start working on the 1D bingo prompts
  • redo LJ tags, which are still a mess, with more than half my entries untagged *cries*
Aaand... I think that's all. *ponders*

I'll strike them off the list as soon as I'm done with them. ;)

To Do List

Dec. 29th, 2011 01:39 pm
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Since I have today and tomorrow off, I want to use the time as optimally as possible and will try to get all of this done! :)


  • finish Christmas cards + send them off

  • draw banner for [ profile] liebeundvertra

  • draw banner for [person who isn't on LJ, I think?]


  • edit a few chapters for Cops Xmas fic - DONE!

  • maybe write a little? - not today


I think that is everything? I have a feeling I forgot about 20,000 things, but...

If I owe you anything, let me know? :)

To Do List

Oct. 12th, 2011 03:17 pm
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+ banner for [ profile] anachan87 (I haven't forgotten!)
+ banner for someone on twitter
+ banner for [ profile] domina_malfoy

+ art/fic for [ profile] go_exchange
+ art for [ profile] daily_deviant (november & kinky kristmas)
+ fic for [ profile] th_fanfic's secret santa (signing up at the moment ;)

If I've promised anyone else something, let me know! My brain's a little sifty lately. XD
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- make copies of some documents for my grandfather
- go grocery shopping
- drop the copies at grandpa's
- clean up the kitchen & living room a little
- start writing the last chapter of ONiP
- write something else... anything
- finish my HP canon fest entry
- finish screencapping a video
- ...I think that's everything

Have some bb!Georg to get you through the day :D

EDIT: Okay, it may not be Georg after all D: In which case I'd have to make a new icon for toho20in20 cause... well, if it's not Georg, then... LOL!

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Wrote an article today and sent in my first submission for Wankfest (which isn't due till April; why do I start with the things I have endless time for??)

So now I only have about a million other things to do... and they're all due in March O.O

- finish art for Jil (school project)
- finish fic for [ profile] hp_emofest
- get fic for [ profile] deatheaterfest beta'ed
- art for [ profile] aigooism
- commission of doom ;D
- art for [ profile] daily_deviant
- art for [ profile] hp_canon_fest
- write chapters for my fic WIPs
- claim a prompt for the Georg FQF, if it's not too late already.

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♥ I saw Deathly Hallows last night! I loved it! But I don't feel like making a giant squee post just yet - I plan on seeing it again sometime this week, so I'll probably make a detailed post then.

But let me just say... Bellatrix/Hermione? I can totally see it now. XD

♥ I need to stop randomly skipping school. Seriously. But since my mum is going to be in Paris all next week, I'm already making plans to not go to school one day. Yes, I make school skipping plans, rather than study plans *facepalms*

♥ I'm working on a huge intro post for all my new TH friends - and everyone else, if you're interested :) Will probably post it later today or tomorrow.

♥ After writing 22,000 words in two days, I haven't written anything on Friday and Saturday - but I guess that's okay ;) I'm so proud of myself for writing anything at all, so... yeah.

♥ If someone still wants a Christmas card, go here.

♥ If someone still wants a Christmas drabble/drawble, go here.

♥ And I was going to post this on Thursday, after spending another day being very productive, so... here's my progress with all the fics & artworks I have to finish in the next few days/weeks :D

Christmas/Advent Drabbles/Drawbles

01. Drabble/drawble for [ profile] r_grayjoy [100% done]
02. Drabble/drawble for [ profile] aigooism [70% done]
03. Drabble/drawble for [ profile] rainbowmenky [100% done]
04. Drabble/drawble for [ profile] catbirdfish [100% done]
05. Drabble/drawble for [ profile] kitty_fic [0% done]
06. Drabble/drawble for [ profile] andymort [100% done]
07. Drabble/drawble for [ profile] ginger_veela [30% done]
08. Drabble/drawble for [ profile] a_shadow_there [70% done]
09. Drabble/drawble for [ profile] scarletladyy [0% done]
10. Drabble/drawble for [ profile] lilliephoenix [50% done]
11. Drabble/drawble for [ profile] prettymisfit [0% done]
12. Drabble/drawble for [ profile] kseenaa [0% done]
13. Drabble/drawble for [ profile] enchanted_jae [0% done]
14. Drabble/drawble for [ profile] ragdoll [50% done]
15. Drabble/drawble for [ profile] nursedarry [0% done]
16. Drabble/drawble for [ profile] chantefable [0% done]
17. Drabble/drawble for [ profile] kaalee [0% done]
18. Drabble/drawble for [ profile] okydoky [0% done]
19. Drabble/drawble for [ profile] koshweasley [0% done]
20. Drabble/drawble for [ profile] domina_malfoy [0% done]
21. Drabble/drawble for [ profile] bendleshnitz1 [0% done]
22. Drabble/drawble for [ profile] jezzifishie [0% done]
23. Drabble/drawble for [ profile] damned_queen [0% done]
24. Drabble/drawble for [ profile] drcjsnider [0% done]

Christmas Card Art

01. HP femmeslash [100% done]
02. HP het [30% done]
03. HP slash [0% done]
04. TH slash [0% done]

Other Fest Stuff

01. Fic for [ profile] th_fanfic's Secret Santa [80% done]
02. November Art for [ profile] daily_deviant [100% done]
03. Art for [ profile] daily_deviant's Kinky Kristmas [40% done]
04. Fic for [ profile] deatheaterfest [100% done]
05. Art/Fic for [ profile] woldy's Informal Femmeslash Exchange [10% done]
06. Art/Fic for [ profile] wizard_love [awaiting assignment]

♥ Since I don't have any tests next week, I think I'm going to be spending a lot of my time writing and drawing again, so that I can get everything done :D Also, I would like to have 24 drabble/drawble requests, so I can post one every day from December 1 till December 24/25, so if you have a prompt for me, feel free to leave it in that other post! I still won't guarantee that I'll manage to finish every single one of them - but I'll do my best! :D

♥ Off to go have lunch at my aunt's now. Byyye!


Nov. 8th, 2010 11:36 am
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After a week of school break, I was motivated to start over and take school more seriously. Until last night, that is. I'd packed my school bag and was getting ready to go offline when I suddenly started feeling extremely weepy. I couldn't sleep, wasn't tired because in the last week, I'd fallen into my usual sleeping rhythm (between 5 and 7 am - around 2 pm).

So Candi told me to go to sleep, and I did... and then I started sobbing for no reason. I was just so... sad. I still can't explain it and I have no idea why. When I'd calmed down a little, I turned my laptop back on and went back to RPing with Candi, deciding that I wasn't gonna go to school today. I have two tests this week, and I haven't studied at all. Why do I do something like that? I could kick myself, honestly.

I did nothing last week, even though I'd really planned to take care of stuff.

So... yeah. I went to bed at 5 am, couldn't sleep till 6, got up at 6.45, pretended to go to school, drove around for a couple of hours until it was safe to come home, knowing that my mother had left in the mean time, and... yeah. Now I'm at home again. I don't even want to know how many hours I've missed already, this school year.

But I swear to myself that I'm going to get stuff done today. So... yeah. A To Do List, cause I obviously can't do anything without it.

Okay, usually, I end up completely disregarding my to do lists, but... whatever. XD

Sucky Stuff
+ Study for French test (it's tomorrow)
+ Study for DROFI test (it's on Wednesday)
+ Check if all my school stuff is in order
+ Read novel I need to review for newspaper (--> page 150, at least)
+ Reply to newspaper editors email which I've been ignoring for days
+ Laundry

Fun Stuff
+ Do modly stuff for [ profile] hp_emofest
+ Work on [ profile] daily_deviant drawings
+ Dance around naked
+ I was kidding about the last one :P
+ Reply to comments

Fest Fever

Oct. 25th, 2010 07:43 pm
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I've been drawing all afternoon - well, since I got home around 4.30, which means... 3 hours! Not bad, huh?

So basically this is where I am with all my fests right now...

[ profile] hd_holidays
Status: 10% done
Done: Brainstorming
Due date: November 7th

[ profile] hp_yule_balls
Status: 50% done
Done: Lineart, flat colours
Due date: November 16th

[ profile] daily_deviant
Status: 10% done
Done: Brainstorming
Due date: November 23rd

[ profile] daily_deviant's Kinky Kristmas
Status: 40% or 20% done
Done: Lineart Drawing 1 - might add a second panel
Due date: November 30th

[ profile] th_fanfic's Secret Santa Exchange
Status: 0% done
Done: Nothing :(
Due date: November 30th
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I'm bored, so have some Word/Art Meter Thingies!

You know, they really should make these things for artists too XD

These are the ones I want to finish before I leave to go on vacation on August 22nd:

[ profile] th_fanfic FQF Fic:

8000 / 8000 words. 100% done!

[ profile] percybigbang Art:
Art 1:

60% done!

Art 2:

5% done!

Art 3:

0% done!

Secret Fest I Won't Reveal Now ;)
Art 1:

100% done!

Art 2:

0% done!

Next [ profile] hump_day_smut art:

0% done!

This month's [ profile] daily_deviant:

0% done!

And one I won't have to worry about now...

[ profile] hd_holidays

0% done!
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- send prompts to two DEF2010 participants
- find pinch-hitters for DEF2010 [anyone interested??? :D]
- clean up kitchen
- start doing laundry
- make icon for [ profile] lims_btvs
- finish winners' banners for [ profile] skins20in20
- write Christmas non-drabbles
- read Lily/Rose fic
- make journal entries for RP characters
- draw something for [ profile] hump_day_smut?
- get started on fest fics
- read [ profile] hp_emofest submissions
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So. After talking to my mother, we decided that I'm going to take the exam to become a replacement for primary/elementary school teachers. If I get accepted, I need to do a four week internship in a class, and if I pass it, then I'll get calls whenever a teacher calls in sick, and... well, I'll have to teach :)

I think that's probably the best idea because it'll help me get over my shyness and see if teaching would be something I'd enjoy. I still can't see myself standing in front of a class without blushing and stuttering but... well, we'll see how it goes.

Anyway, my mum wants me to send the letter tomorrow, and I have so much to do this week, that I need a To Do List, so that I won't forget anything.

To Do List

[check] send emails to uni to ask if I'll get my money back
[check] send emails to uni to ask if I can get some sort of proof that I've been studying there for the past two years
[check] go grocery shopping
[] go pick up some documents I need for my application
[] buy a birthday gift for my mum and dad
[] tell my dad about the failed exam D: D: D:
[] go to Saarbr├╝cken to close my bank account and stuff
[] write fics/draw fanart before deadlines
[] clean up and iron to show my mother that I haven't been lazy all week :P
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Tomorrow's To Do List

[] final touches on [ profile] daily_deviant piece
[] final touches on [ profile] hp_darkfest piece + submit
[] finish two art-WIPs and post?
[] read the [ profile] bottom_draco fic that was written for my prompt
[] RP lots and lots
[] mentally prepare for the fact that uni starts on Tuesday
[] try to find one or two more classes for my timetable
[] make a list of 'new school year resolutions' that I will go through with!
[] think about changes to my journal [and all my pages, actually]; I want to make it more structured and organized, which includes:
[] find an LJ layout that doesn't drive me crazy after two days
[] read more fics and make regular rec posts
[] ...uhh... anything else that comes up. maybe grocery shopping D:
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01) I'm sick and I hate it :( I have a cold, go through more or less three packets of tissues in a day and cough a lot. Maybe I should go to the doctor. And I will if I don't feel better tomorrow.

02) Stuff I want to do this week before my mother gets back from Spain )

03) Need to catch up with fests and read some fics; the only [ profile] hp_sas fic I've read was my gift. Ahem.

04) [ profile] the_ass_fest starts posting tomorrow, so you can be very curious and excited about our project. It's EPIC. EPIC, I tell you. *nodnodnod*

05) [ profile] hp_emofest sign-ups end tonight at midnight CET, so make sure to sign up, if you haven't already ;)

06) Just to show myself how fucking much I still have to read for my exam on the 15th, I'm going to repost my booklist. Yes, I am insane. Yes, I've known about this since... well, a long time. )

Yes. I know. I'm awful.

If anyone feels sorry for my lazy arse and can give me a very detailed summary and description of the narrative stuff of one of the novels I haven't read yet, I would be eternally grateful to you and would give you as much fic, art, graphics or whatever else you might want as you request.

And now I feel awful for even asking such a thing XD


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Aw, now I want to watch Hair. Again.

Okay, so it's not half ten now but it was when I woke up. Anyway, I have a lot of things to do, so I figured I'd make a To Do List, considering I'm so good at ignoring those *dies*

- finish [ profile] hp_sas fic and send to beta (almost done! so close!) DONE!
- tidy and clean up room (it is a mess)
- do laundry (my mum's gonna kill me when she sees the stack of clothes...)
- RP lots (naturally :D)

I was perhaps planning on seeing Transformers 2 today (SHIAAAAA!!!) but I don't think I'll make it. Maybe tomorrow then. Hmmm...

Anyway, NOT To Do List:

- waste all day on my laptop doing nothing

Now I just have to figure out what to do first...

to do list

Dec. 24th, 2008 11:57 am
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- tidy up kitchen and living room
- shower and get ready
- last minute grocery-shopping
- prepare food

... I thought this would be longer lol.
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Things I have/want to have done before Saturday XD

to do list )


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